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Sol Gate Studio’s Photographer Martin Backhauss was on set of the blockbuster “Red Tails”

Martin Backhauss is Sol Gate Studios staff photographer and the editor of the soon to be released Sol Gate Studios documentary, UNTAPPED, THE SCIENCE OF HAND ANALYSIS.

Last year Martin was hired by Kerner Studios, Executive Producer, Camille Cellucci to be the on set photographer of a major motion picture. When Kerner Studios did specialized work on a film they wanted a photographic record for their archives.

While taking photographs of ILM’s visual effects crew on ELYSIUM Martin was spotted by some of the RED TAILS crew and Rick McCallum, a Lucasfilm Studios Producer. Rick asked Martin if he would photograph his production.

RED TAILS is a Twentieth Century Fox/Lucasfilm production directed by Anthony Hemingway and George Lucas.The film is about the Tuskegee Airman during World War II. A crew of African American pilots who were not only in danger of being killed by the Nazis but were also discriminated against by their own country. Through dedication and skill the Tuskegee Airman finally won respect and admiration.

Martin spent the day shooting the RED TAILS crew at work. They were doing second unit work of inserts and pick up shots.

Kerrner Studios was a part of Industrial Light & Magic owned by George Lucas. They built and filmed models and sets for many big budget studio movies since they were formed during the production of the first STAR WARS movie. Some times pyrotechnics were required and the model was blown up. Some times they would build models of space ships flying through space. They designed and built things that were too massive or dangerous to do live. Things that didn’t exist like the Death Star. [br][/br][br][/br]The ILM philosophy is if you can shoot it live then do that. But you can’t shoot a 1800’s era train going off a cliff as it did in BACK TO THE FUTURE 2. You need an amazing to scale model train, an appropriate cliff somewhere out in the boonies and five cameras with crew. Then you have to cross your fingers and hope that nothing goes wrong.

The studio has recently been bought by Tim Parrtridge and Greg Maloney and is now called 32TEN Studios. Tim and Greg are keeping up the Academy Award winning work that Kermer Studios did for so many years.


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