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The Sol Gate Studios Produced Documentary UNTAPPED Premiere in San Rafael, CA

Sol Gate Studios was thrilled to host the recent premiere of our feature documentary UNTAPPED at the 32 Ten Studios in San Rafael, CA.

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In attendance were the subjects of the film including Richard Unger, one of the foremost experts on hand analysis in the world, as well as local hand analysts Diana “Dee” Dumont and Laura Kennedy, also featured in the documentary. UNTAPPED follows the work of these fascinating individuals as they seek find the story and psychology of a person’s life in their hands. Just as each person’s fingerprints are unique, so are the lines that cross their palms.

Family and friends joined the Sol Gate Studios production team, including Writer/Producer Mickey McGovern and Directors Rob Alan Martin and Camille Cellucci, for two afternoon screenings and a fun-filled champagne cocktail reception in between. The film was well received with many audience members seeking information on how to set up their own readings after!

We look forward to bringing screenings to a theater near you in the future – stay tuned to for more.

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