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This romantic comedy is dedicated to all who have been “phantom-limbed.”

How do you escape the lingering memory of someone you’ve lost? This romantic comedy is dedicated to all who have been “phantom-limbed.” San Francisco based filmmaker, Kee Streater Heywood, launched a Kickstarter project on August 16th, 2012, and succeeded in financing his first narrative film, after a history of documentaries.

The project was conceived during a universal human experience; trying desperately to escape painful memories that continue to creep their way back to the forefront of consciousness. Such memories could be of lost love, a friend, a relative, even a pet.  It’s a reality of the human condition; no matter how hard we try to ignore the memory, there are times when it’s nearly impossible to move past this obsessive preoccupation.  ”The project is important to me because the story’s protagonist deals with a very poignant human experience– one that I’d like to address and offer a solution to”,  Heywood states. He worked with the team from Primitive Productions. Chris Riley (producer), Jerome Stolly (Director of Photography) and Unit Production Manager David Estrada were deeply involved in the development of the film. On October 6th, principal photography was done at Sol Gate Studios. Here are some of the images of on-set photographer, Gary Rocchio.

After a 9-hour shoot, Producer Chris Riley left the following testimonial: “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rob and Martin at Sol Gate Studios. From the time we booked the studio time, to the time we spent there on the shoot, all the way to the friendly emails we received from them following the shoot, we were treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. If you need a good looking studio space to shoot, I would highly recommend SolGate. Not only were they completely reasonable on the time we spent there, they were also extremely affordable and worked within our budget. (Which most spaces wouldn’t dream of.) We plan on using their space much more often for our shoots and our experience with them was top‐notch!”
Chris Riley Prymitive Productions Producer

After an amazing dinner, the production team spent the night and completed the rest of the shot list. It was awesome to work again with Brando Bowthorp, and his production team.  This shoot fell on the anniversary of Sol Gate Studio‘s  last time working with Neverland Productions; the Serge Devant music video, On Your Own.


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