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Hotels, Hangouts & Hideways

Sol Gate Studio is producing their second major network episodic television show, “Hotels, Hangouts and Hideaways”.

Created by producer and host Sean Beaty and directed by Michael Alex Pearce“Hotels, Hangouts and Hideaways” delves into the exciting world of happy hours. Host Sean Beaty’s mission is to find the best happy hour venues in your town.

It doesn’t stop there, Sean will showcase three distinct venues,  HOTELS where you will find business professionals congregating after a long day, HANGOUTS where the sheik and hip mingle, and HIDEAWAYS where t-shirt and jeans are not only allowed but encouraged.

Each episode will follow our host as he highlights the secret ingredients (A, B, C’s) of what makes for a great Happy Hour — Ambiance, Beverages, and Cuisine. Meet the interesting chefs, owners, bartenders and most importantly happy hour patrons that migrate to these amazing spots and join in the festivities. At the end of each episode Sean will summarize his visits making it easy for us to find your happy place, your happy hour place that is!!


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