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Bullets and Men

Bullets & Men is an action western feature script written by Solgate Studios’ Brando Keoni Bowthorpe.  After being read by some of Hollywood’s premiere producers, Sol Gate Studios was granted funding for preliminary test footage, which was shot on location in Moab, Utah. Sol Gate Studios worked with the Utah Film Commission, Helicopter stunt pilots, and local horse wranglers to create the footage seen here.

Perhaps the crowning moments were captured at Dead Horse Point, a rock formation jutting 6,000 ft above the surrounding area, and made famous in such films as: “Mission Impossible II,” “Con Air,” and most recently, “The Lone Ranger.”

Sol Gate Studios is proud to state that production was overseen by the Utah State Park officials to ensure the beautiful landscape will be enjoyed in its natural state for years to come.


Pre-production for “Bullets & Men” is currently underway.

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