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Neverland Incorporation

Sol Gate Studios is thrilled to officially announce the incorporation of Neverland Productions.

What initially was just a partnership on a joint-production quickly developed into a dynamic and efficient team of like-minded individuals who wished to continue their collaboration indefinitely.

This merger not only expands Sol Gate’s ability to provide unparalleled service, but also comes with the added bonus of bringing in the talent and expertise of the entire Neverland Productions team.

Sol Gate Studios is proud to incorporate past and present Neverland projects into their collective reel… not the least of which is Nadia Ali’s Rapture, an award-winning music video that has garnered nearly 20 million views on YouTube.

In addition, the merge marks the use of Sol Gate’s preferred “A Camera,” the RED EPIC, a top-of-the-line cinema camera capable of capturing the finest picture currently possible.

Together, this new conglomerate of Sol Gate Studios is presently producing:

•   An action-western feature film titled: Bullets & Men

•    A documentary detailing the science behind hand analysis: Untapped

•    A cooking/travel show titled: The California Table.

•   The new Nadia Ali music video, shot in the Hawaiian islands, titled: Such Love

•    51 minutes of Live Show Performance Visuals for Nadia Ali’s upcoming tour.


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