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The Sol Gate Studios Produced Documentary UNTAPPED Premiere in San Rafael, CA

Untapped Cast and Crew

Sol Gate Studios was thrilled to host the recent premiere of our feature documentary UNTAPPED at the 32 Ten Studios in San Rafael, CA. Australia is a one of a kind online gaming market. is the best resource for everything you need to know about online casinos and online gambling as an Australian player. […]

Neverland Incorporation


Sol Gate Studios is thrilled to officially announce the incorporation of Neverland Productions. What initially was just a partnership on a joint-production quickly developed into a dynamic and efficient team of like-minded individuals who wished to continue their collaboration indefinitely. This merger not only expands Sol Gate’s ability to provide unparalleled service, but also comes […]

Saint Tiimbre “U”


Saint Tiimbre is a music collective which was formed through the San Francisco’s Popscene circuit and have since become an official group. Frontmen Natasha Adorlee and Benjamin Falik create an innovative future-facing beatscape glossed with a wide array of beautiful vocal melodies and live instruments, while the third member, Amp Live, compliments their production by […]

Yogy: “Til My Death Bed”


“When I first heard Yogy’s song “Til’ My Death Bed” I immediately imagined gritty black and white. I didn’t immediately think of the final treatment but I definitely had a look in mind. After listening to the song many times I just allowed my mind to roam free. I factored in my limitations of only […]


Ashley Mendez

When asked about the “Westend” music video director Kyle Henry said “Ashley has been one of my frequent collaborators. We’ve worked on multiple music videos and video projects together. She’s an amazing artist and an even more amazing person. This was the second music video that I directed for Ashley. When she originally approached me […]

This romantic comedy is dedicated to all who have been “phantom-limbed.”


How do you escape the lingering memory of someone you’ve lost? This romantic comedy is dedicated to all who have been “phantom-limbed.” San Francisco based filmmaker, Kee Streater Heywood, launched a Kickstarter project on August 16th, 2012, and succeeded in financing his first narrative film, after a history of documentaries. The project was conceived during […]

Sol Gate Studio’s Photographer Martin Backhauss was on set of the blockbuster “Red Tails”

Red Tails

Martin Backhauss is Sol Gate Studios staff photographer and the editor of the soon to be released Sol Gate Studios documentary, UNTAPPED, THE SCIENCE OF HAND ANALYSIS. Last year Martin was hired by Kerner Studios, Executive Producer, Camille Cellucci to be the on set photographer of a major motion picture. When Kerner Studios did specialized […]

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