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Behind the Scenes of Oriel Poole’s Press Kit Shoot with Martin Backhauss

On July 18, 2013, photographer Martin Backhauss shot vocalist Oriel Poole at Sol Gate Studios. The images will be and were used for her press kit and Kickstarter Campaign.
By now the Kickstarter Campaign ended successfully and Oriel got funding for her new EP/LP.

Besides photographer Martin Backhauss the creative team was made up of photographer’s assistant Alex Price and makeup artist Meko White. Documenting the work behind the scenes was DP Michael Alex Pearce.
While Oriel was in make-up with Meko preparing for the shoot, Alex did the preliminary set-up of equipment. After photographer Martin Backhauss adjusted the lighting using Alex as a stand-in, he focused his Canon 5D Mark 3 on Oriel Poole using various lighting set-ups and different backdrops to go with her wardrobe changes.

Martin set up clam-shell lighting for beauty shots:
We used a 107” Fashion Gray seamless background paper, one strobe with an Elinchrom Rotalux 27×27” Softbox aiming up at Oriel from below to fill in the shadows and another strobe with a 27” Elinchrom beauty dish attachment and diffusion sock just in front of Oriel as our main light. For the second lighting setup we wanted to create a very dark, dramatic look. Therefore we only used one light which was a 500-watt unit with a 39” Elinchrom Deep Octa softbox with no diffusion to define the face. Martin Backhauss shoots tethered in the studio. The images will immediately be sent to the computer for real-time viewing and evaluating.
For the full body shots Martin employed the big Elinchrom 59” indirect Octa which works great for full body fashion shots. With no diffusion attached it gives the image a crispy/edgy look and brings out the clothes and colors just beautifully.
In image post-production Martin works with Lightroom and Photoshop. Martin went through all 600 photos taken that day, narrowing them down to the fifteen best.  From those photos, 3-5 are being sent out with this blog post.
With the help of Sol Gate Studios and Oriel’s performance at their third Friday dinners, Oriel reached her original Kickstarter goal of $5,000.00 and has revised her goal upward.

Here is a behind the scenes look at Oriel Poole’s photo shoot.

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