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When asked about the “Westend” music video director Kyle Henry said “Ashley has been one of my frequent collaborators. We’ve worked on multiple music videos and video projects together. She’s an amazing artist and an even more amazing person. This was the second music video that I directed for Ashley. When she originally approached me about doing a second music video, she explained that she wanted the video to be fun, vibrant and include a party scene. I took those elements and tried to incorporate it into a cohesive treatment. After listening to the song on repeat for many hours, it finally hit me. The song was about escaping and the normal escape that most people wanted was from their 9 to 5 life. So I came up with the treatment of Ashley being given a special power to freeze time and escape her everyday world.”

Henry would go onto say “We shot the video in and around San Francisco and Oakland. Thanks to Sol Gate studios for graciously opening their doors to let us use their space for the party scene. Also, special thanks to Ashley, Elson Ros, and all of the crew that helped make this video happen!

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